About Us

At Access Monster, we provide the online gaming access you want when you want it. We’re passionate about online gaming, and we launched this website as a way to keep fellow gamers like you abreast of the most important online gaming news and opportunities. Whether you favor competitive or cooperative play, you’ll find everything you need right here on a website that you can customize to the games you play and your individual gaming preferences.

One of the Largest Online Gaming Directories

What began as a small side project has developed into one of the largest game directories online, and we’re very proud of it. If a game has an online component, you can find out about it here. Our website features a powerful search tool that you can use to discover games that fit particular criteria. You can even subscribe to entries so that you receive on-site notifications whenever those entries are updated. Want to know all the WoW expansions and the easiest way to acquire them? Our DB will tell you.

Video Game Price Tracker with Personal Settings

We also have a price tracker, and this system monitors video games and add-on content. It monitors prices on digital platforms like Steam and Green Man Gaming but also at retailers like Amazon and GameStop. The main page will show you all the deals happening right now. You can even use personal settings so that the tracker automatically filters that information based on your unique tastes. Subscribe to a game, and the tracker will tell you when and where it’s on sale. You can even set it to only notify you when the price gets low enough.

Online Gaming Time, Currency, and Content Tracker

One of the newest and most exciting aspects of our tracker is the ability to monitor time cards, in-game currency and in-game content. If ESO puts the Thieves’ Guild expansion, which is only available through the Crown Store, on sale, we’ll let you know about it. Likewise, if some retailer is selling physical time cards for Final Fantasy XIV or Xbox Live is selling Warframe credits for 50 percent off, we’ll notify you. Simply set the games that you play, and we can notify you on-site or via your mobile device.

Online Gaming News

Our website began with a focus on online gaming news, and we haven’t lost sight of that. We still provide breaking news, daily articles, long-form articles, editorials and so forth. Our team has even expanded our content to include Twitch streams, YouTube videos, podcasts, game-specific wikis, game walkthroughs and so much more.

The Access Monster Community

Perhaps the best way to stay current with your favorite online games is through the Access Monster community. Our Twitter feed ensures that you never miss the latest news or biggest stories. We’ll also alert you to live streams and other great content. Access Monster has a Facebook page, and we’ve recently opened the virtual doors to an online forum where you can exchange ideas with fellow gamers.